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Food Truck Insurance in Los Angeles, California

Food Truck Insurance Information

Food Truck Insurance in Los Angeles, California, specializes in providing food truck insurance for those in the lunch truck business. We are an insurance broker that specializes in lunch truck insurance, food truck insurance, Commercial auto, Restaurants and anyone that uses a vehicle for business, whether you cook or not. Learn more about what we offer and contact us for a quote.

Lunch Truck Insurance
We have a special niche for lunch truck insurance. We  Work with the  fourth largest insurer in the Nation , specifically targeted for insurance for lunch truck people. When you drive for a living, you need higher limits Excess insurance or Umbrella  and special coverage. Your employee has to be covered Workers Compensation Insurance. This kind of insurance is completely different from personal insurance.

Similar to coverage on car insurance, commercial Auto Policy Insurance limit is higher, with additional Insurance like general liabilities, Workers compensation . Damage is always higher because if someone's vehicle hits your truck, they think they can collect more, and because trucks are heavier and create more damage. We usually separate these coverage’s to give you flexibility ,choice expertise value and discount .We believe this approach is better because each insurance company specializes on different types of policies  if  you are within their specialization you get value and discount  and expertise during claims .that will save you time and money. For example Progressive doesn’t not cover General liability or workers compensation for  this class of Business but provide exceptional value and discounts on the commercial auto coverage’s and limits .

We are focused on The newer Trucks or The Twitter Trucks ; some of these trucks are valued up to $200,000, with the truck's equipment ranging from $20,000 to $100,000. We cover the truck itself and the equipment that is added on to the vehicle. We have up to $5 million in liabilities.

If the driver is sick, a substitute driver has to drive, and if this temporary driver gets into an accident, he'll be covered on our policy.  You need to read your policy and ask if you can allow  anyone to drive your Truck. In case of emergency  Watch out for  some companies exclusions  they may not pay your claims  if the driver is not listed at the time of accidents. We have a distinctive, general policy, and the experience needed to give you general liabilities that cover events, food poisoning, lawsuits, etc.


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